Formerly known as “Castrum Medii”, meaning “the castle in the middle”, due to its position between the Castle of Gabicce and that of Fiorenzuola, the village of Casteldimezzo is located about 200 meters above sea level and is a natural panoramic terrace from which the gaze can travel up to the Gradara Castle, the “penne” (peaks) of San Marino and to Mount Catria. In the past, Casteldimezzo was also called Galliolo or Gaiola or Garzoleto.

Only part of the ancient walls of the fortress is preserved to this day. The walls were once interspersed with numerous towers, which have disappeared today, and so has the fortress. The church dedicated to the Saints of Ravenna Apollinaris and Christopher houses a fifteenth-century crucifix by Jacobello del Fiore. The adventurous story revolving around the crucifix is narrated in a memorial plaque placed inside the church and dating back to 1652. Of equal importance is the large artwork placed in the central altar, depicting a Madonna enthroned with the Child, the Saints Apollinaris and Christopher and a musician angel, painted by Francesco Zaganelli and datable to circa 1510.