Most parts of the park were actively cultivated up to recent years, due to a combination of “hunger” for land that the inhabitants of Pesaro have always shown throughout history and the geological structure of the gentle slopes. Nowadays, some areas of the park are still covered by crops, some of which preserve the
existence of important typical local products, primarily wine.
Until the 1990s, the number of medium to large sized mammals was rather small. In recent years, following a natural expansion throughout the province, the roe deer reached the San Bartolo area, finding a suitable habitat for survival thanks to the combination of cultivated fields and woodland.
Among other wildlife species inhabiting the Natural Park of San Bartolo are: foxes (which in this area also feed on marine organisms brought to the shore), badgers, porcupines, least weasels, hares and dormice.
There are also several species of reptiles and amphibians. Moreover, this protected area records the presence of numerous species of birds, as for many of them the park is located on their migratory route.