Developed to provide both first-time and frequent visitors a practical and complete tool to explore San Bartolo Natural Park, the app “San Bartolo Experience” helps facilitate and enrich your experience visiting the area thanks to its interactive functions.

The app is composed of 4 sections, through which you can:

> View the Rules and Regulations of the Park and the correct and responsible use of the trails and services located inside its perimeter. Users who view this section are rewarded with a “Responsible Hiker” badge, a digital recognition demonstrating that you made the effort of being informed about the Rules and Regulations of San Bartolo Natural Park before approaching any hiking activity in its territories.

> Discover all the secrets of the park. Thanks to a highly detailed map, you can explore all the points of interest in the park (e.g. viewpoints, towns and villages, historical and natural landmarks, etc.) and read a brief description of each of them.

> Walk around the park with the help of a georeferenced map system. The map includes all the GPS tracks of the itineraries you can choose for visiting the park. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to follow the trails and explore Mount San Bartolo in an easy and safe way, checking your real-time position and obtaining all the information you need to reach the various points of interest.

> Share a picture or a short comment inside our digital “guestbook”. Let other visitors know about your experience and how much fun you had! Contributions published inside the “guestbook” will be visible to all those who access the app. They can be shared on social networks with a single click, thus increasing the visibility of the Park among Italian and foreign visitors.

“San Bartolo Experience” is a tool that let you be more attentive to rules and regulations, always knowing where you are, never missing any useful information or attraction and easily being able to share your experience right away, all at your fingertips!