Have you already visited the most beautiful terrace on the Adriatic Sea? At “Taverna del Pescatore” we are waiting for you. Here, you can enjoy excellent fish and seafood in a rustic marine space, comfortably seated on the panoramic terrace. Coming in for lunch or for dinner, you can treat yourself with appetizers, raw seafood, seafood-based first courses, grilled fish, baked fish, pan-fried fish, fish soup, mixed fried fish and much more.

“… you will never be able to steal from Taverna del Pescatore its atmosphere, as its breathtaking view across the sea, with the gaze spacing up to the horizon, is where three parallel universes meet: sea, sky and sun. The light of the sun, with its multiple shades ranging from yellow to orange to purple, sometimes illuminates the clouds, other times reflects itself directly onto the sea, painting it with a lively explosion of life or a calm sunset.”