Our story is real history.

The first owner of Il Falco was a fisherman who, having obtained a small wooden hut in Gabicce Monte as payment for a fish lot, decided to take it apart piece by piece and then completely rebuilt it into a kiosk.

Il Falco is located in the once wild and almost uninhabited bay of Vallugola. Back in the fifties, nothing existed in here, except for a very small breeding of mussels and oysters at sea.
Then, in 1962, Vallugola became renown as the most beautiful bay of this stretch of coast: it started to attract many visitors for its clean waters and for its much different offer compared to that of Rimini or Riccione.

The marina, too, turned into a nice port for tourists, who crowded it with their motorboats.
It was at that time that the hut-like “chioschetto” changed its look again and got transformed into a restaurant, the “Il Falco” that we know today. Its name means “hawk”, as numerous birds of prey still nest in the crag right behind the restaurant.