“Our idea of food: imagination, tradition and local ingredients.”

At the center of our work is the idea that tradition and imagination go hand in hand, and that the quality of the ingredients is the first and most important factor.
We specialize in fresh fish, caught in local waters with minimally invasive and sustainable fishing methods. We choose our daily menu according to the products available at the market on that very day. We prefer healthy but tasty cooking techniques, capable of preserving the best flavors of the ingredients, such as stone cooking, low temperature cooking or raw preparations.
The beating heart of the kitchen is Ornella Ruggeri, who welcomes customers together with her son Stefano. Thanks to her forty years of experience in the kitchen, she masters how to combine the dishes of the local tradition with a more refined taste, giving her guests the possibility to open up to new experiences. Supporting Ornella with her guests is a staff of skilled and experienced professionals, who put their passion in everything they do.